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Gopher State Storage Forest Lake

Mail all Payments to:

Forest Lake Gopher State Storage 
9450 SW Gemini Dr 
Suite 85473
Beaverton, OR 97008 

Phone: 651-236-9895

Important Items 

1. Give written notice 30 days before the end of the month (email or text).  If this is not received you are liable for next months rent.

2. It is you responsibility to keep accurate and up to date cell phone, email, and address at all times 

3. Clean and sweep unit, remove all items, trash, etc.  Notify us of any spilled lubricants.

4. Vacate the unit by the last day of the month for which your rent is paid.

5. If you are in the unit on the first of the month full rent is due.  You are not pro-rated on move out.

6. We remove snow from the lots as soon as possible after a snow event. You are responsible to keep your doorway free of snow and ice.  Ice melt is recommended. Preventing ice build-up on front of your door will help ensure water is not able to run into the unit, especially during the spring thaw. Placing ice melt by your door every now and then helps keep things in good ice free order.